Trenton Airport ParkingWith the growing popularity of the airport, the county has increased it investments in the airport. While the airport originally had free parking, the airport currently charges $2 per hour or $8 per day. There are multiple parking lots, however the parking lot located closest to the terminal will typically get filled up quickly. The other parking lots are spread throughout the airport however the airport operates a shuttle service to the outlying parking lots.

Paying For Parking The parking lot is gated and accessible 24 hours per day.  Upon entry, you will receive a ticket. If paying by credit card, you are able to pay upon exit at the gate.  If paying by cash, you must pay at the machine located in the main terminal.

Keep in Mind Please keep in mind that while you can ordinarily show up to your flight out of Trenton Airport far closer to departure than you would at other airports, on busier travel days the parking lot within walking distance to the terminal will fill up quickly.   You may need to allot up to an additional 20 to 30 minutes if you have to park in the remote parking lots.
If possible, it is always best to get dropped off at the airport or to take a taxi or ride-share.  You can try Lyft or Uber and get free credits for your first ride.